Don't want to start flame, but my question is quite simple, is there
anybody who use it in real production/commercial setup without any
major issues ? don't you lack commercial support ? no issues with
auditors ?

 after a year/two of usage/testing/troubleshooting of freeipa/redhat
ipa it seems, for me as a simple admin, to be still not very mature
project, even basic configuration isn't very stable/solid to use it in
real production. I started with latest freeipa on fedora with one
server (VM vmware), then add other master replicas but after many
issues I carefully keep one server on redhat 7 with up2date version of
ipa from rhel repos, default installation setup, no replication. But
still with stability issue (processes died occasionally, mostly due
multiple clients removing, sometimes it dies completely with cryptic
errors in journal (but sometimes no errors at all just wait for
something during restart) and only fast option is restore from snaphot
backups with loosing some clients). Performance is also issue, we
cannot register more then 4-5 servers at once, or it will timeout (but
no visible network or cpu/mem load issue).

As there are no other complex solutions like IPA it's quite hard
decide what to use as a replacement, but right now it's seems that we
have no other option and we probably switch to simple openldap and
missing functionality cover by puppet and some 2factor solution.

We don't need anything special, no dns handling, no certificates, no
AD connection, just simple servers/clients, users with groups and
rules for access/sudo. Multimaster (with DNS SRV) solution for higher
performance and reliability would be nice, but not necessary if we can
keep it stable and handle more clients registration. We have tens of
users/groups, hundreds servers/clients with random registration
"burst" as we use it also for temp. build environments and OpenStack

Oficial support from RedHat is not very helpful, also they don't
provide any real training for IPA, so only option is mail conference
(very helpful, thanks for that) and tones of documentation/examples
for variety of versions, but for such complex thing probably not
enough for commercial use.

Can I ask you for your opinion ?


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