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If the problem is too hard to solve, maybe I should try to deploy another
replica ?
You may try that. Sorry for not responding, I have some other tasks that
occupy my time right now.

Can you please tell me the procedure to decommission and re-create a new 
replica ?
Are "ipa-server-install —uninstall" then "ipa-server-install" the only things 
to do ?
No, you need also to remove the server from the replication topology.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

I can’t remove the node on which I have problem with pki-tomcatd :

# ipa-replica-manage del xxxx.example.com
Deleting a master is irreversible.
To reconnect to the remote master you will need to prepare a new replica file
and re-install.
Continue to delete? [no]: yes
Deleting this server is not allowed as it would leave your installation without 
a CA

I seem that it’s the only node where CA is installed. What should I do now ?
Add a replica with CA using ipa-ca-install on existing replica.

Read the guide, it has detailed coverage of these situations.
/ Alexander Bokovoy

On the first node (which is working and without pki-tomcatd service)
# ipa-ca-install
Directory Manager (existing master) password:

CA is already installed.

How is it possible ?

You must provide a replica file as an argument to ipa-ca-install if you want to setup CA on another replica.

Martin^3 Babinsky

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