On Fri, 11 Sep 2015, Morgan Marodin wrote:
Hi everyone.

I've seen these guides:

But I've not been able to access via ssh to a freeipa client with kerberos
I've also tried to install MIT kerberos to my windows 8.1, but doesn't
works too.
This is not required.

What Windows 8.1 version you have? Is it a Pro edition (the other
editions don't join AD)?

The target freeipa client is a RHEL 6.7 like distribution.

Naturally trying with AD username (name.surn...@mydomain.com) and password
is ok.

Do you have any suggestions for this problem?
Enable DEBUG3 level logging in sshd_config for SSH server, attempt to
login from Windows client and show the logs around 'userok' in the
resulting debug output.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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