Torsten Harenberg wrote:
> Hi Janelle,
> Am 04.10.2015 um 19:25 schrieb Janelle:
>> Just wondering if anyone knows why this happens from time to time on
>> servers:
>> $ kinit admin
>> kinit: Clients credentials have been revoked while getting initial
>> credentials
>> there are no failed logins to the admin account - not even any login
>> attempts, so it is not like someone is getting the account locked out. 
>> Just curious if anyone else has seen in. With 16 masters, it occurs
>> randomly on some hosts, but eventually clears either on its own or with
>> a restart of IPA. However, I just restarted IPA on this server and after
>> about 2-3 minutes it works again.
> I am seeing the same, see my mail "kinit admin not working anymore
> (LOCKED_OUT: Clients credentials have been revoked)" from 03-SEPT.
> Actually, wasn't it you who wanted to open a ticket?
> Have a nice evening,
>   Torsten

When you see this run `ipa user-status admin` and `ipa pwpolicy-show
--user=admin` and provide that so we can potentially see what is going on.


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