On 12/10/15 21:19, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Mon, 12 Oct 2015, Andrey Ptashnik wrote:
I see, so your best advice is to wait for official release of 7.2 and
upgrade all at once even if I need just a few simple fixes like “search
for non-admin users” and etc…?

Are there any approximate timeline for 7.2 release?
"When it will be ready" would be a typical answer here.

If you need any advice on Red Hat Enterprise Linux release timeline from
Red Hat, talk to your Red Hat representative. There are also defined
processes by Red Hat support on how to request updates, they are beyond
of what FreeIPA upstream community mailing list could do.

Hope this helps.
Having just asked RedHat this very question, their response is that there are work-around fixes for the admin search bug in the 7.2 release, coming soon and permanent fixes in the 7.3 release which will follow. Essentially, hang tight, log in to the UI as 'admin' for now if you really need to search, or drop to the command line, kinit and search from there and when the 7.2 release comes out of beta, upgrade your servers, so that you can log in to the UI as you and search instead.

Hope this helps.

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