On 10/14/2015 03:43 PM, zhiyong xue wrote:
>   There are lots of VMs created from Openstack in our envrioment. And we
> need to install IPA client on them.  I want to create a base image which
> have installed IPA client, and generate VM from this image.
>   When the VM first boot will auto register to IPA server. But the VM's
> host name has no domain(not a FQDN) and failed to register.

How does the client get the domain then? It is currently needed for the FreeIPA
clients, so you need to either postpone Client registration until domain is
set, or override the hostname in ipa-client-install with static domain, like

# ipa-client-install --hostname `hostname`.mydomain.test

>    What's the right approach to install IPA client for VMs which cloned
> from base image?
> Thanks,
> -- Brave

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