> I think it should be
> add:nsslapd-basedn: cn=accounts,$SUFFIX
> not
> add:basedn:"cn=accounts,$SUFFIX"
> this is what sidgen task expects and it returns constraint violation
> error if parameters are wrong:
>    str = fetch_attr(e, "nsslapd-basedn", NULL);
>    if (str == NULL) {
>        LOG_FATAL("Missing nsslapd-basedn!\n");
>        *returncode = LDAP_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION;
>        goto done;
>    }

I think you are right.
Don't know what I have tested, but it brings me a different error, that I 
didn't see before:

ipa.ipapython.ipaldap.IPAdmin: DEBUG: Unhandled LDAPError: OPERATIONS_ERROR: 
{'desc': 'Operations error'}
ipa.ipaserver.install.ldapupdate.LDAPUpdate: ERROR: Add failure Operations 
ipa.ipaserver.install.ipa_ldap_updater.LDAPUpdater_NonUpgrade: INFO: The 
ipa-ldap-updater command was successful

Where did you find the source for the sidgen task? I could try  looking at at 
it myself, but can't find it.

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