i'm still working with the JSON API and I now have the problem, that I want to add a user with a not expired password. I've tried setattr and addattr with the following JSON code, but both fail. {"params":[[],{"givenname":"Oliver","userpassword":"start123","uid":"k812339","version":"2.151","addattr":"krbpasswordexpiration=20160207010919Z","cn":"Oliver Support","sn":"Support"}],"id":0,"method":"user_add"}

{"params":[[],{"givenname":"Oliver","userpassword":"start123","uid":"k812339","version":"2.151","cn":"Oliver Support","setattr":"krbpasswordexpiration=20160207010919Z","sn":"Support"}],"id":0,"method":"user_add"}

The user is added to IPA, but the user is still forced to change it's password. In the response I could see that my krbpasswordexpiration is ignored.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


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