I still can't find the problem after a lot of searching, can someone give me a 
little advice?   Assembling a POC of FreeIPA 4.1.0 server (stock CentOS-7 
packages) and a CentOS 6.7 server with their stock 3.0.0 packages.   Sudo 
version on the client is sudo-1.8.6p3.

Have created a general sudo rule on the IPA server to grant access to a host 
group.   However it doesn't allow access, just a "sparksa is not allowed to run 
sudo on als-centos0002".    If I change the rule to not use host groups, and 
explicitly set the hosts, it works OK.

Have checked the stuff I've seen in general search, like the nisdomainname, 
values are set and look plausible.   The sudo debug logs seem to indicate 
vaguely that it can't match the netgroup:

Nov 18 16:07:37 sudo[15713]   username=sparksa
Nov 18 16:07:37 sudo[15713] domainname=(null)
Nov 18 16:07:37 sudo[15713] Received 1 rule(s)
Nov 18 16:07:37 sudo[15713] sssd/ldap sudoHost '+opsauto' ... not
Nov 18 16:07:37 sudo[15713] Sorting the remaining entries using the sudoOrder 
Nov 18 16:07:37 sudo[15713] searching SSSD/LDAP for sudoers entries
Nov 18 16:07:37 sudo[15713] Done with LDAP searches
Nov 18 16:07:37 sudo[15713] keep 
HOSTNAME=als-centos0002.dakar.useast.hpcloud.net: YES
Nov 18 16:07:37 sudo[15713] sudo_putenv: 

The setup of the client used the normal 'ipa-client-install' script.    From 
questions asked before, some salient debugging info:

[root@als-centos0002 sys-ops]# nisdomainname
[root@als-centos0002 sys-ops]# hostname
[root@als-centos0002 sys-ops]# getent netgroup opsauto
opsauto               (als-ubuntu0001.oa.ftc.hpelabs.net,-,eucalyptus.internal) 

Does anyone have any advice on what additional debug I should look at, just not 
sure what I'm missing.   Thanks in advance.
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