On 11/19/2015 11:03 PM, Ash Alam wrote:
Hello All

I am looking for some advice on upgrading. Currently our FreeIPA servers are
3.0.0 on centos 6.6. We are looking to go to 4.2.3 Centos7. This upgrade path
is not possible per IPA documentation. Minimum version required is 3.3.x. I
have also found that cenos6 does not provide anything past 3.0.0.

And it won't. There are no plans in updating FreeIPA version in RHEL/CentOS-6.x, we encourage people who want the new features to migrate to RHEL-7.x:



If you want to wait on CentOS-7.2, it should be in works now:

One idea is to upgrade to 3.3.x first and then upgrade to 4.2.3 on centos7.
This is harder since centos does not provide this. The other issue is if
3.0/3.3 client will be supported with 4.2.3 server.

The right way is to migrate via creating replicas in RHEL/CentOS-7.x and slowly deprecating RHEL/CentOS-6 ones. Detailed procedure in the links above.

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