On Mon, 07 Dec 2015, Marc Boorshtein wrote:

Looking into krb5/src/util/profile/prof_get.c, the code that supports
'yes'/'no' (y,yes,1,true,t,on and n,no,nil,off,false) was added in 2000
with the commit 97971c69b9389be08b7e9ffb742ca35f3706b3af (it was CVS at
the time but the commit is traceable via git after import from SVN).

So I would say this is documentation issue on MIT krb5 side rather than
exception. Given that the code is supported for 15 years already,
perhaps making JDK aware of it is a better idea?

While yes its clearly a documentation issue I'd say its probably worth
changing on the IPA side as it doesn't affect how IPA functions and
makes it easier for integrating applications that are built to those
docs.  I know I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out why I
wasn't generating forwardable TGTs on a box that is part of the domain
from an ipa client install vs a manually configured krb5.conf file.
Yes, given that the rest of the code adds true/false, at least in
ipa-client-install and ipa-replica-conncheck where we handle krb5.conf
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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