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> My syntax was all wrong. (Does anyone know how can I clear out bad syntax from
> the systemctld output?)
> Anyway, I have a running dirsrv, but SMB still fails, and it's failing on 
> winbind first
> (see notes below). It looks like it's because there's no Kerberos server 
> available.
> Indeed, kinit admin is still failing. I think that when I ran 
> ipa-adtrust-install I said no
> to creating sids for local users.
> I'm beginning to think that is the root error, but have a feeling that 
> winbind isn't
> helping either.
> Does this seem more likely?

After some more work on this, I see from this documentation that winbind is 


(although we are only using one way trusts - does that change anything?)

Also, after getting a lot of errors that looked like

krb5kdc: cannot initialize realm UNIX.CO.ORG.AU - see log file for details

Server error - while fetching master key K/M for realm UNIX.CO.ORG.AU

I thought maybe it was because I'd created the realm with lower case - I had a 
file /var/kerberos/krb5kdc/.k5.unix.co.org.au

So I tried destroying that and creating a UNIX.CO.ORG.AU although now I have a 
new problem - 

add_principal: Kerberos database constraints violated while creating 

I discover that I'm meant to use ipa service-add (I presume 
cifs/UNIX.CO.ORG.AU), but that fails bc no Kerberos credentials.

Now everything I google takes me, essentially, to the "install ipa" page.

Should I just run ipa-server-install and  ipa-adtrust-install again? Does that 
re-write all the important things? Or should I yum remove, then yum install 
again? (if this is the solution I should try)....


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