Hello !

I send you this mail because of the following topic.

I have FreeIPA with RHEL 6.6 and I deactivated the anonymous
access for security reasons.

But now, I have a problem when I try to enroll a new host.

Here is the command I try :
ipa-client-install --domain=<mydomain> --realm=<myrealm> --server=<fqdn
ipaserver> --principal=admin --password=<PASSWORD FOR IPA ADMIN>
--mkhomedir  --hostname=<fqdn server> --no-ntp --no-ssh --no-sshd

And here is the error message :
2016-01-20T11:06:44Z DEBUG Verifying that <fqdn ipaserver> (realm None) is
an IPA server
2016-01-20T11:06:44Z DEBUG Init LDAP connection with: ldap://<fqdn ipa
2016-01-20T11:06:44Z DEBUG LDAP Error: Anonymous access not allowed

Is there a way with IPA to enroll host with the anonymous acces
disabled ?

Best regards.

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