Ah sorry, for security reasons I didn't want to put the original name and I
made a mistake.

Here we are, for the confusing lines :
Assuming realm is the same as domain: <MYDOMAIN>
Generated basedn from realm: dc=<mydomain>
Discovery result: NO_ACCESS_TO_LDAP; server=None, domain=<mydomain>,
kdc=None, basedn=dc=<mydomain>
Validated servers: <fqdn ipa server>
will use discovered domain: <mydomain>
Using servers from command line, disabling DNS discovery
will use provided server: <fqdn ipa server>
will use discovered realm: <MYDOMAIN>
The provided realm name [<MYREALM>] does not match discovered one
(<MYDOMAIN>: Assumed same as domain)
Installation failed. Rolling back changes
IPA client is not configured on this system.

Is it more clear ? Sorry again for the confusion.

I use a realm which is different than the domain.

Best regards.

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