We have created a user with HBAC Admin permission which has below
permission (Default as provided by IPA):

System: Add HBAC Rule
System: Add HBAC Service Groups
System: Add HBAC Services
System: Delete HBAC Rule
System: Delete HBAC Service Groups
System: Delete HBAC Services
System: Manage HBAC Rule Membership
System: Manage HBAC Service Group Membership
System: Modify HBAC Rule

When I try add below in a new RBAC, it denied the operation as it is
already open for all.

System: Read HBAC Rules
System: Read HBAC Service Groups
System: Read HBAC Services

If we change it to permission, then login is failing.

Please suggest what we need to do so that HBAC admin can search the HBAC
rule in FreeIPA rule.

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