On 01/26/2016 04:22 PM, Izzo, Anthony wrote:
> I have a FreeIPA 4.2 server (on RHEL7) and a FreeIPA 3.0 client (on RHEL6).  
> I am aware of the incompatibility between versions for ipa-admintools (in my 
> case I'm trying to use ipa dnsrecord-del).  I was just wondering if there is 
> a workaround that would allow me, from my 3.0 client, to delete a DNS PTR 
> record on the 4.2 server, since I can't use the ipa dnsrecord-del command 
> (the APIs are different, and the server responds that I've sent an invalid 
> option).  Thanks.

That's strange, client should be forward compatible already:


, i.e. RHEL-6 clients should be able to update RHEL-7 servers. We would know
more if you send us the error.

Anyway, given you are only updating DNS, maybe you could just use standard
Kerberos-authenticated DNS update (nsupdate tool), to delete that PTR record?

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