From:   Alexander Bokovoy <>
To:     Christopher Lamb/Switzerland/IBM@IBMCH
Cc:     Petr Vobornik <>,,
            wodel youchi <>
Date:   02.02.2016 09:32
Subject:        Re: [Freeipa-users] [Centos7.2 Freeipa 4.2] browser : your
            session has expired

On Tue, 02 Feb 2016, Christopher Lamb wrote:
>Hi Petr
>I get exactly the same behaviour ever so often. We are running IPA server
>4.2.0 15.0.1.el7_2.3, (though we got the same problem with earlier
>In my case the laptop running Firefox / FreeIPA WebUI, and the OEL Server
>running the IPA server have time within seconds / milliseconds of one
>another. The server uses NTPD (and has full missile lock on the NTP pool
>servers), and the laptop uses whatever OSX uses to keep time accurate.
>As I only need to use the FreeIPA WebUI rarely (every few months or so)
>exact behaviour is difficult to pin down. It seems to work like this:
>a) I will sometimes have access without the "your session has expired"
>error. Typically this is when I have not used FreeIPA for a long time
>b) then some days later, when I revisit the WebUI, the "your session has
>expired" error will crop up.
>c) as I have access to several workstations, each with several browsers
>installed (IE, FF, Chrome, Safari etc.), I may get luck and find one that
>does not give the error (while the others do).
>Just like the OP, the workstations are not FreeIPA hosts (or servers), and
>we use login /pw for the WebUI.
Can you hit ctrl+shift+I in Firefox (open development console), select
'Network' tab there, hit reload, and explore the requests/responses
there when the error is manifested. Unfortunately, there is no way to
copy out the whole traffic but you can at least make screenshots.

This approach allows you to see what's happening inside the
communication without need to decode SSL traffic in Wireshark.
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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