Okay. I haven't been able to get around this issue. I can log using my username, my card is recognized by GDM and reads the card as expected, but I am unable to login using my smartcard. From what I can see in the logs the common name on my card doesn't match the username on my test account.

Feb 2 13:00:05 cabildo gdm-smartcard]: pam_krb5[5152]: error resolving user name '<SC-CommonName>' to uid/gid pair Feb 2 13:00:05 cabildo gdm-smartcard]: pam_krb5[5152]: error getting information about '<SC-CommonName> Feb 2 13:00:06 cabildo gdm-smartcard]: pam_unix(gdm-smartcard:account): could not identify user (from getpwnam(<SC-CommonName>)) Feb 2 13:00:06 cabildo gdm-smartcard]: pam_sss(gdm-smartcard:account): Access denied for user <SC-CommonName>: 10 (User not known to the underlying authentication module) Feb 2 13:00:06 cabildo gdm-smartcard]: pam_krb5[5152]: error resolving user name '<SC-CommonName>' to uid/gid pair Feb 2 13:00:13 cabildo gdm-smartcard]: pam_pkcs11(gdm-smartcard:auth): pam_get_pwd() failed: Conversation error

Where do I go from here?

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On 02/02/2016 09:56 AM, Martin Kosek wrote:
On 02/02/2016 04:49 PM, Michael Rainey (Contractor) wrote:
Greetings FreeIPA Community,

I have been testing and working with the smart card login feature of the IPA
server, and have had some successes with this project. However, my latest
server/client setup isn't working as expected.  I can where the problem is
occurring, which is the Common Name on the Card is not being mapped to the
proper attribute on the IPA server. So here's my question: Is there a howto
which explains how an where this mapping occurs?  Is this something I can
configure myself, or is hard coded.
At the moment, the Smart Card support present in SSSD looks up the user by
searching with a blob containing the whole SC certificate. This BTW means that
the certificate needs to be present at user entry in FreeIPA to make sure it
matches, no other mapping mechanism is available yet. We have some plans though:


If you are interested in HOWTOs, Nathan Kinder put together pretty neat blog
posts how to make Smart Card authentication working:



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