Thanks for letting me know this.  Is it true then that my only option is
to have the IPA AD trust to achieve AD authentication (proxy style), HBAC
and sudo?

Warren Birnbaum : Infrastructure Services
Digital Linux Infrastructure Services
Europe CDT Techn. Operations
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On 2/15/16, 12:52 PM, "Alexander Bokovoy" <> wrote:

>On Mon, 15 Feb 2016, Birnbaum, Warren (ETW) wrote:
>>Thanks Lukas.
>>Unfortunately setting up a IPA Ad Trust is something not possible within
>>our organization.  Is it then fair to say that waiting for Ticket #4623
>>our only option?
>This ticket is not going to be implemented in a near future. It has
>huge development cost while very little benefits. I don't think it is
>going to be something you can rely on.
>/ Alexander Bokovoy

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