On 02/18/2016 04:46 PM, bahan w wrote:
Hello everyone.

I send you this mail because I have sometimes a problem when using ipa
passwd to generate a One Time Password and then using kpasswd to set a
strong random password using a password policy.

When I perform the ipa passwd command and just after the kpasswd command, I
got an error message.

Here is the command (I have an admin TGT) :
echo "onetimepwd\nonetimepwd\n" | ipa passwd <user>; echo
"onetimepwd\n<definitivepassword>\n<definitivepassword>\n" | kpasswd <user>

And here is the result :
Changed password for "<user>@<realm>"
Password for <user>@<realm>:
kpasswd: Preauthentication failed getting initial ticket

When I perform a sleep 5, then the sucession of these commands complete
I tried to sleep 1s or 2s, but sometimes I got the error message, and
sometimes not.
So I extended the sleep duration to 5s.

I was wondering if it was normal behaviour from ipa-server/client 3.0.0-47 ?

If yes, do you know what the minimum duration in seconds that I have to
wait after setting a one time password before setting a more definitive
password (a password respecting the password policy) ?

Best regards.


Following works for me:

kdestroy -A
echo -e "${ADMINPW}" | kinit admin
echo -e "${TEMPPW}\n${TEMPPW}\n" | ipa passwd $TESTUSER
echo -e "${TEMPPW}\n${FINALPW}\n${FINALPW}\n" | kpasswd $TESTUSER
kdestroy -A
echo -e "${FINALPW}" | kinit $TESTUSER
kdestroy -A

also works if kpasswd is changed to kinit.

You can also try to use KRB5_TRACE=/dev/stdout to debug it:
  # KRB5_TRACE=/dev/stdout kpasswd user

Petr Vobornik

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