On 8.3.2016 15:29, Matt Wells wrote:
> For my use case it is.  Essentially the system will be application auth for
> separate groups that have no need to know of one another, almost a
> multi-tenant mode.  I wanted to expose a 'self service' url.  I've found a
> community ipa portal for password resets and perhaps that with slight
> changes can resolve this.  I understand why it's that way but had hoped to
> be able to apply a bit more of an ACI; I've been able to ratchet the
> accounts down to just this one item thus far by restricting access to
> attributes.  I appreciate the response and if / when I find a solution I'll
> post it for anyone else that would require it.

Be sure you fully think though your use cases and understand the implications.

E.g. if the LDAP is used by unix clients, locking it down to one user or group
may prevent clients from translating UIDs to names and vice-versa, prevent
resolving group membership etc. That would certainly break things.

In this case you might want to craft ACI which exposes POSIX attributes only
and nothing else or so.

Again, think about it :-)

Petr^2 Spacek

> On Mon, Mar 7, 2016 at 11:05 PM, Prashant Bapat <prash...@apigee.com> wrote:
>> A user will be able to list all other users and be able to read their
>> attributes. But will not be able to change anything.
>> Is that an issue ? I mean on a Linux box you can read /etc/passwd file
>> which has info about all users on that box. This doesn't cause issues.
>> On 8 March 2016 at 03:03, Matt Wells <matt.we...@mosaic451.com> wrote:
>>> Hi all, I had a quick question.  I swear I had this before but that could
>>> be the voices telling me it's true....
>>> A normal user is logging into IPA (4.2.0) and filling in their phone
>>> number and info no problem.  However when that user clicks on accounts
>>> above they are then able to peruse the entire directory and all the other
>>> user accounts.
>>> I'm trying to remove that but for the life of me can't recall the ACI or
>>> where that may be.
>>> I really appreciate it, I'll continue to search through the previous
>>> questions and if I find it before a reply will mark this closed with the
>>> link.
>>> Thank you all -
>>> Wells

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