On 03/18/2016 09:21 PM, Randy Morgan wrote:
> We have a FreeIPA Version 4.2 production installation that seems to have a
> limitation we cannot figure out how to overcome.  Users cannot search, from 
> the
> gui, for a specific user.  The only users who can perform a search for a
> specific user are full-admins, everyone else the search option does not
> respond, meaning that if you click on the magnifying glass, nothing happens. 
> We have a large number of groups, and they are managed by the group owner, who
> needs to be able to do a user search.  This appears to be a permissions issue,
> but we are not sure what we need to change to make it so that we can assign
> search capability to specific user groups.  Any help would be greatly 
> appreciated.

Hello Randy,

What permissions have you defined to allow your group admins to administer the

On my RHEL-7.2 machine, I tried setting up delegation like that:

# kinit admin
Password for admin@RHEL72:
# ipa group-add lab
# ipa permission-add --type group --right write --filter "(cn=lab)" --attrs
member can_manage_lab

# ipa user-add --first Lab --last Admin labadmin
# ipa passwd labadmin
# ipa role-add labadmin
# ipa privilege-add labadmin
# ipa role-add-member labadmin --users labadmin
# ipa role-add-privilege labadmin --privilege labadmin
# ipa privilege-add-permission labadmin --permissions labadmin
# ipa privilege-add-permission labadmin --permissions can_manage_lab
# ipa user-show labadmin
  Roles: labadmin
# ipa user-add --first Lab --last User labuser1
# ipa user-add --first Lab --last User labuser2

# kinit labadmin
Password for labadmin@RHEL72:
Password expired.  You must change it now.
Enter new password:
Enter it again:
# ipa group-add-member lab --users labuser1
  Group name: lab
  GID: 632400001
  Member users: labuser1
Number of members added 1

When I tried to achieve similar with labadmin on
it worked for me as well and I was able to manage lab group members in the UI.


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