I'm currently running ipa-server version 4.2.0, release 15.el7_2.6 on a
RHEL 7.2 server.

When a user **not** in the "admins" group tries searching for a user, they
receive "No entries." In the WebUI, this happens on the "Active users" page
or when trying to add a user to a group, role, etc. It also happens when a
user uses the CLI (e.g., `ipa user-find ...`). I've tried adding a user to
all of the available roles listed under "Role Based Access Control", but
they still can't search for users.

Currently, only users in the "admins" group can search for users. Is there
a permission or privilege I'm missing? How can I grant users the ability to
search for other users?

-- Garrett Hyde
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