On 23.3.2016 17:52, Garrett Hyde wrote:
> I'm currently running ipa-server version 4.2.0, release 15.el7_2.6 on a
> RHEL 7.2 server.
> When a user **not** in the "admins" group tries searching for a user, they
> receive "No entries." In the WebUI, this happens on the "Active users" page
> or when trying to add a user to a group, role, etc. It also happens when a
> user uses the CLI (e.g., `ipa user-find ...`). I've tried adding a user to
> all of the available roles listed under "Role Based Access Control", but
> they still can't search for users.
> Currently, only users in the "admins" group can search for users. Is there
> a permission or privilege I'm missing? How can I grant users the ability to
> search for other users?

I suspect that you are hitting this bug:

It is in our queue, stay tuned.

Petr^2 Spacek

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