Sadly -

I don't think that CA is installed on other replica's  They were installed
following the replica-prepare and replica-install process with nothing else
done outside of this process to install CA.

I did not have backups yet when the incident occurred so I only have the
replica's created from the original CA/master

The documentation that I was following was the following

I rapidly ran into issues with this on the replica's which I suspect is due
to them not having CA installed.

Thanks !


On Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 2:15 AM, Martin Basti <> wrote:

> On 31.03.2016 16:09, McNiel, Craig wrote:
> I was installing a 7 host IPA with ipa01 being the CA and the others being
> replicas of this node.  This was to be the production installation of IPA
> and the admins/users started using it prior to the installation being
> completed and before I had snapshots/backup created of the servers.
> The ipa01 host disk was corrupted so I no longer have a CA just the other
> 6 nodes.  How can I install/promote or otherwise recreate the CA?  I have
> looked online for instructions but, I run into issues almost immediately
> with the accuracy for the version I'm using in the documenation as many of
> the files it indicates need updates don't even exist.
> Thanks
> ipa-python-4.2.0-15.el7.centos.3.x86_64
> ipa-admintools-4.2.0-15.el7.centos.3.x86_64
> ipa-server-dns-4.2.0-15.el7.centos.3.x86_64
> sssd-ipa-1.13.0-40.el7_2.1.x86_64
> ipa-server-4.2.0-15.el7.centos.3.x86_64
> libipa_hbac-1.13.0-40.el7_2.1.x86_64
> ipa-client-4.2.0-15.el7.centos.3.x86_64
> Hello,
> Several things are not clear to me from you email. Can you please answer
> following questions?
> Do you have CA installed on other replicas?
> Do you have backup of the original server (ipa-backup, or snapshot)?
> Which documentation did you follow?
> What did you try?
> Martin Basti


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