Am 04.04.2016 um 09:06 schrieb Martin Babinsky:
> On 04/01/2016 08:53 PM, Martin (Lists) wrote:
>> Hallo
>> I have a question regarding enabling/disabling separate ipa parts in
>> systemd. Is it necessarry or required to have httpd, directory server,
>> named memcache and all the other ipa services to be enabled in systemd?
>> Or is it recomended to have only the main ipa service enabled (and all
>> the other disabled)?
>> Regards
>> Martin
> Hi Martin,
> ipa.service actually calls `ipactl` command which starts/stops all
> individual components at once (dirsrv, http, kdc, kpasswd, memcache,
> pki-tomcat etc.). All of these services (which are listed in `ipactl
> status`) must be up and running for IPA server to work correctly in all
> aspects.
> So in this sense 'ipa.service' is just an umbrella that groups all the
> components of FreeIPA installation.

For starting and stopping all neccessarry parts this is OK. But if I
have enabled some of these services directly in systemd (lets say
memcached or the ldap server) does that make problems during startup or

May be it is just a coincidence, but I had several warnings (up to
thousands) in the past from the LDAP Server at a simple restart of the

DSRetroclPlugin - delete_changerecord: could not delete change record
553423 (rc: 32): 1 Time(s)

An I have not found any reason for this. Therefore the question: can
this be due to a false shutdown or startup sequence by systemd?

Last time I run "ipactl stop" before restarting the server and had no
such warnings. As I said may be its just a coincidence.

I run ipa on a up to date fedora 23 server.


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