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I have a question regarding enabling/disabling separate ipa parts in
systemd. Is it necessarry or required to have httpd, directory server,
named memcache and all the other ipa services to be enabled in systemd?
Or is it recomended to have only the main ipa service enabled (and all
the other disabled)?


Hi Martin,

ipa.service actually calls `ipactl` command which starts/stops all
individual components at once (dirsrv, http, kdc, kpasswd, memcache,
pki-tomcat etc.). All of these services (which are listed in `ipactl
status`) must be up and running for IPA server to work correctly in all

So in this sense 'ipa.service' is just an umbrella that groups all the
components of FreeIPA installation.

For starting and stopping all neccessarry parts this is OK. But if I
have enabled some of these services directly in systemd (lets say
memcached or the ldap server) does that make problems during startup or

May be it is just a coincidence, but I had several warnings (up to
thousands) in the past from the LDAP Server at a simple restart of the

DSRetroclPlugin - delete_changerecord: could not delete change record
553423 (rc: 32): 1 Time(s)

An I have not found any reason for this. Therefore the question: can
this be due to a false shutdown or startup sequence by systemd?
The DSRetroclPlugin messages occur when the starting point for trimming the retro changelog was incorrectly set. The messages themselves are harmless, just skipping no longer existing changes. I think a crash or kill at shutdown will increase the probabilty to run into these scenarios

Last time I run "ipactl stop" before restarting the server and had no
such warnings. As I said may be its just a coincidence.

I run ipa on a up to date fedora 23 server.


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