Hello all,

I've deployed FreeIPA in my home lab and I'm happy to have single
sign-on for all my Archlinux virtual machines and Fedora laptops :)

It took me lots of research and conversations before hearing about
FreeIPA for the first time while searching for a libre SSO solution. I
think FreeIPA needs much more exposure. I am really impressed with it.
Tomorrow I am giving a short presentation at my workplace to talk about
it and invite other sysadmins to try it.

I would like to make a slide showing the current adoption of FreeIPA. I
read that Red Hat uses it internally, but do they actually deploy it in
their client's infrastructures? Are there any big companies that use it?
Even if I only have reports of schools and small businesses would be
good enough to say it's production ready and it has traction.

Whether you are reporting about your own use or you know where I can
find out more would be greatly appreciated! I have not found a "Who uses
FreeIPA" page on the Internet.

Best regards,
Alexandre de Verteuil <alexan...@deverteuil.net>
public key ID : 0xDD237C00

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