On Wed, 11 May 2016, Marc Boorshtein wrote:
I've got a potential use case where I want to authenticate users using
their AD credentials, store accounts and permissions in FreeIPA but
not have a cross forest trust.  One way to do this is to have SSSD
talk LDAP to a virtual directory which would route the bind to AD but
all other operations to the 389 backing IPA.  Kerberos wouldn't work,
but if you're interested in password or ssh key based auth it should
work, right?  Then you'd still get the HBAC benefits?
There is more than just look up in LDAP when talking to AD DCs. Trust
ensures we have enough correctly set security descriptors on the objects
we use to represent our identity to access AD DCs. If that part is
missing, you get all kinds of problems.

Replacing trust by something that is effectively attempting to simulate
trust but not being a trust scenario is, of course, possible. However, I
don't see this as something we'd like to put any reasonable time to
develop because it is a corner case with disproportional amount of
development time investment. You may disagree and that's fine, but this
doesn't change the fact that somebody needs to invest time into it.
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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