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> Subject: Re: [Freeipa-users] AD Primary Groups are ignored in FreeIPA?
> On 05/16/2016 05:28 AM, Lachlan Musicman wrote:
> > Hola,
> >
> > We have an interesting scenario that is hard to find any information on.
> >
> > Due to permission restrictions, a NAS that is mounted and visible by
> > both AD and 'nix clients, every user belongs to a particular primary group.
> >
> > When we try doing idoverride's on the groups, it fails with the Primary 
> > Group.
> > In some cases, the primary group doesn't even appear in a getent or id 
> > request.
> > Sometimes it appears with incorrect name or GID.
> >
> > We have found it hard to get repeatable "failures", but here are two:
> >
> > 1. getent group <groupname> (where groupname is any group, but is a
> > primary group for a subset of members)
> >
> >   - does not return any member that has groupname as a primary group in AD.
> >
> > 2. Overriding a group
> >
> > if the user has that group as a primary group (in AD), it will
> > override the name, but not the GID.
> > else, the override works.
> >
> > There were a number of other unusual results that are hard to explain
> > how to reproduce because it was all so seemingly random.
> >
> >
> > I feel like it would be an obvious need - to translate or override AD
> > primary groups to FreeIPA groups, but this doesn't seem possible.
> >
> > Have we set IPA  up incorrectly, or are we hitting on something else?
> >
> > I found this AD support problem for Win2003, but I feel like it's old
> > and would surely have been solved?
> > https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/275523
> >
> > Also, their solution ("hack AD, then hack your other LDAP software")
> > is, for some reason, funny to me.
> It seems you are looking for this extension:
> https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/ticket/1872
> It is not done yet, there is a plenty of information in the ticket comments.
> Please let us know if this does not help.


Thanks for your response. This doesn't quite fit our issues. This is explicitly 
about *private* groups in NIX (where adding new user creates GID==UID and 
enrols that user).

Our problem is explicitly a *Primary Groups in AD* problem. Users that exist in 
AD have a primary group (traditionally "Domain Users") which we are using for 
other reasons (access control based on groups to files that are mounted on both 
AD and NIX servers).

In FreeIPA ( ipa-server-4.2.0-15.0.1.el7.centos.6.1.x86_64 on fully up to date 
Centos 7.2), after joining the AD (domain.org) in a one way trust as a 
subdomain (unix.domain.org), when we query AD, it explicitly ignores AD based 
Primary Groups - membership and overrides seem to fail.

Does that make sense?

I can see that it's vaguely related to the private group, but only in so much 
as it's the group that is assigned to the user (if you look in /etc/passwd on 
our pre-IPA system, our user data look like: 
lsimpson:x:1542:10007::/home/lsimpson:/bin/bash where 10007 is the id of the 
primary group in AD).

Obviously this data is no longer in /etc/passwd, but it doesn't seem to be able 
to be affected (via idoverrides).

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