The RH Bugzilla is pretty much unnavigable by anyone who doesn't know the magic words, so i'm asking here. Apologies in advance if misdirected.

The Web UI has a couple of fairly annoying (sorry) deficiencies:

- unable to sort on columns, eg: In DNS Zones, the sort is on hostname, making it difficult to locate holes in a network range. This is easy in BIND flat zone files, which by convention are usually organised by IP address - of course, sorting on IP address needs to be done like mySQL's ORDER BY INET_ATON(ip) to prevent what i like to call "Mac-style" ordering of IP addresses (1, 10 100, 2) - record and subtree cloning would be a terrific feature when working with automount maps and sudo objects that are fiddly to edit in the UI. Essentially, what phpldapadmin allows

thank you,

- cal sawyer

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