On 06/07/2016 05:22 PM, Cal Sawyer wrote:
> Hello
> The RH Bugzilla is pretty much unnavigable by anyone who doesn't know the 
> magic
> words, so i'm asking here. Apologies in advance if misdirected.

Hi Cal,

I updated FreeIPA Trac front page, to help you (and others) more with filing
bugs against FreeIPA, whether it is about downstream (RHEL, Fedora) bugs or
upstream tickets:


Bugzilla links already contain direct links with product a component specified
to make your job easier. But if you do not have RHEL subscription or bug is
Fedora specific, filing Trac ticket is the best first step to do.

> The Web UI has a couple of fairly annoying (sorry) deficiencies:
> - unable to sort on columns, eg: In DNS Zones, the sort is on hostname, making
> it difficult to locate holes in a network range. This is easy in BIND flat 
> zone
> files, which by convention are usually organised by IP address
>     - of course, sorting on IP address needs to be done like mySQL's ORDER BY
> INET_ATON(ip) to prevent what i like to call "Mac-style" ordering of IP
> addresses (1, 10 100, 2)
> - record and subtree cloning would be a terrific feature when working with
> automount maps and sudo objects that are fiddly to edit in the UI. 
> Essentially,
> what phpldapadmin allows

Please file upstream ticket(s) for these. If you want to speed up resolution of
the feature requests or bug reports, the most effective way is to provide
patches or other help as there are thousands of requests filed against FreeIPA,
but only limited number of developers working on them.


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