On Tue, 28 Jun 2016, pgb205 wrote:
Trust is successfully established

ipa trust-find---------------1 trust matched---------------  Realm name:  
ad_domain.local  Domain NetBIOS name: AD_DOMAIN
and I can get kerberos ticket and access to servicesKRB5_TRACE=/dev/stderr kvno 
[3552] 1467143851.633980: Received creds for desired service 
cifs/ADDC.AD_DOMAIN[3552] 1467143851.634008: Storing my_user@AD_DOMAIN -> 
cifs/ADDC@AD_DOMAIN in KEYRING:persistent:0:krb_ccache_02UjQwjcifs/ADDC.AD_DOMAIN: 
kvno = 29
time is also correct and matches on both ipa and Domain Controller
When I go with the last few steps to add external AD group to the IPA 
--external I get the followingipa group-add-member ad_domain_admins_external 
--external 'AD_DOMAIN\Ops_Admins'[member user]:[member group]:  Group name: 
ad_domain_admins_external  Description: ad_domain_admins external map  Failed 
members:    member user:    member group: AD_DOMAIN\Ops_Admins: trusted domain 
object not found-------------------------Number of members added 0
I have verified the Ops_Admins is readable by everyone in Active Directory. 
In error_log I get
[:error] [pid 2619] ipa: INFO: [jsonserver_session] admin@IPA_DOMAIN: 
ipaexternalmember=(u'AD_DOMAIN\\\\Ops_Admins',), all=False, raw=False, 
version=u'2.156', no_members=False): SUCCESS
Any idea on what steps I'm missing or what other things to check ?
If you have "trusted domain object not found", this means you don't
really have trust established correctly. Unfortunately, sometimes we
cannot get proper error message back to the user as Samba Python
bindings don't give us much details.

See http://www.freeipa.org/page/Active_Directory_trust_setup#Debugging_trust on 
how to generate proper debug logs for trust to see what is there.

You kvno output is of no use -- obviously AD user would be able to
obtain a ticket to AD DC's service, this is not a surprise.
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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