On 1.7.2016 16:29, lejeczek wrote:
> On 01/07/16 12:41, Petr Vobornik wrote:
>> On 06/30/2016 04:56 PM, lejeczek wrote:
>>> ... its own FQHN and its IP ?
>>> hi users,
>>> I'm fiddling with rewrites but being an amateur cannot figure it out,
>>> it's on a multi/home-IP box. Is it possible?
>>> many thanks,
>>> L.
>> Hi L.
>> Could you describe your environment and use case in more details. It is
>> not clear to me what you are trying to achieve or what doesn't work for you.
>> Thank you
> gee, I though my scenario would be quite common among users,
> take a box with more then one net ifs, or even multiple IPs - what would be
> nice to have is fIPA webui resides/runs only on that FQHN and that IP to which
> hostname resolves. Eg, here is one single system:
> box1.my.dom.local (eg, I go to
> ipa.my.dom.local
> currently I get fIPA's webui everywhere, but I'd like it to be only at
> ipa.my.dom.local (either if I URL via hostname or IP)
> I think it would be great to have included (maybe as comments/options) this in
> Apache's configs of IPA furure releases, if possible.
> Is it possible to construct such rules? Or there is different, simpler way?

I'm still trying to understand your use-case. Why exactly you need to limit
the web UI to one 'host name' while keeping it on the same box?

Petr^2 Spacek

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