On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 09:27:34AM +0530, Visakh MV wrote:
> Hi,
> first case: As per your direction, things are going well even if we are
> facing some issues as well. even like once logged in to ipa-client machine
> with ipa user with certain privilege after that while using terminal " TAB"
> and " Arrow " keys have not working. due to the same we can not use the
> system properly.

I don't think keyboard keys have much to do with IPA. I wonder if the
user has the shell you'd expect set or the correct homedir with your
shell dotfiles?

> second case: if any policy would have to edit at any certain reason then it
> will not update it with at real time, it could take some time to update new
> changes. is there any command to update at real time?

Depends on what do you need to update. But it's true that sssd caches a
lot of information. For user and group data, you can call sss_cache.
Please note that invalidating sudo rules with sss_cache was only added
to sssd-1.14.

> third case: what are the sudo rule option?
> only one sudo option you have shared across the doc " !authenticate " has
> working fine. and it will not take other custom options.
> example:  I added one sudo option inside sudo rule like " rootprivilege "
> but its showing one error on client machine while checking allowed
> commands.

I'm afraid you need to enable debugging and look a bit into the logs.
We have an upstream sudo troubleshooting guide:

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