We have our IPA set up as master-master and we have about 25 clients in realm 
(including the IPA servers themselves).

We have a single user who changed his unexpired password using the passwd 
command logged on to one of the registered clients.

Thereafter, when he logs on to any of the client servers in the realm with the 
exception of one, his new password is accepted.  On only one client server his 
new password is not accepted.  That client server will only let him in with a 
password that was in effect 2 password changes in the past.

I believe that there is no sync problem between the IPA Masters because I 
changed the admin password on one of them (IPA Master) yesterday and it was 
available immediately after a logout to sign on as admin to the other master 
with the new password.

Are we instructing users with the wrong command for changing an unexpired 
password?  If not, where would we turn to rectify this issue that this one user 
has with the one IPA client server?

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