Hi,I have an sssd client which is currently causing problems when looking up 
IPA / AD users. 

# getent passwd drext...@net.dr.dk 
returns nothing. 

# getent passwd ad...@linux.dr.dk 
ad...@linux.dr.dk:*:10000:10000:admin admin:/home/admin:/bin/bash 

works, so it can see the IPA domain. 

tried re-enrolling the client on IPA server (ipa-client-install --uninstall), 
didn't make a difftence. 

SSSD configuration parameters is the same on IPA server, and client. 

Only thins I can find on the client (loglevel 5) is: 
(Tue Aug 9 11:33:44 2016) [sssd[be[linux.dr.dk]]] [be_get_account_info] 
(0x0200): Got request for [0x1001][1][name=drextrha] 
(Tue Aug 9 11:33:44 2016) [sssd[be[linux.dr.dk]]] [ipa_srv_ad_acct_lookup_done] 
(0x0040): ipa_get_*_acct request failed: [22]: Invalid argument. 
(Tue Aug 9 11:33:44 2016) [sssd[be[linux.dr.dk]]] [ipa_subdomain_account_done] 
(0x0040): ipa_get_*_acct request failed: 22 
(Tue Aug 9 11:33:44 2016) [sssd[be[linux.dr.dk]]] [acctinfo_callback] (0x0100): 
Request processed. Returned 3,22,Account info lookup failed 

Can't grasp what that error covers? 

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