On Mon, 15 Aug 2016, Stefan Uygur wrote:
The reason I am using old version is not my choice, this is what RHEL 6
has in its repos. I have 8 instances of IPA servers and they are all
RHEL 6 because we have our prod RHEL 6 and not yet ready to move to

As for me it is still fully supported by RedHat, otherwise why they
still have this version for RHEL 6.
Sure, that's something to talk about with Red Hat's support people.

We have support with RH but most likely I will experience the same
trouble with them when I log the case. But I will try anyway.
Yes, please file a case. I think it will at least allow you to share a
bit more details on what was actually done and would allow support to go
over the problem with you in an interactive session, if needed.

We obviously cannot look into your system here, at freeipa-users@, and
thus are stuck with whatever you chose to provide us about the details
of what was done and what is not.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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