Hello all,

We've been re-using old host names and IP addresses for a new
deployment of nodes, and recently I've been seeing the messages pasted
below in the slapd-DC.DC.DC "error" log on our nodes.

[17/Aug/2016:10:30:30 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b475cd001200040000 <= basecsn=57b475cf000000160000, adjusted
[17/Aug/2016:11:09:44 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b47f00000200040000 <= basecsn=57b47f00000200160000, adjusted
[17/Aug/2016:11:09:44 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b47f00000400040000 <= basecsn=57b47f00000400160000, adjusted
[17/Aug/2016:11:10:33 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b47f2f001000040000 <= basecsn=57b47f30000200160000, adjusted
[17/Aug/2016:13:50:45 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b4a4bb000900040000 <= basecsn=57b4a4bc000000160000, adjusted
[17/Aug/2016:13:52:54 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b4a53e000a00040000 <= basecsn=57b4a53f000000160000, adjusted
[17/Aug/2016:13:53:15 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b4a552000700040000 <= basecsn=57b4a553000000160000, adjusted
[17/Aug/2016:13:53:32 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b4a562000900040000 <= basecsn=57b4a564000000160000, adjusted

They seem to only occur when updating DNS entries, whether on the
console or via the GUI (tail -f'ing the log).

A search in this mailing-list returns nothing, but a message is found
on the 389-ds list [1];  it seems to suggest that the messages aren't
fatal and are purely informational, yet if they are occurring
constantly that there could be a problem with the replication
algorithm and/or deployment.

We're using ipa-server 3.0.0-47 and 389-ds  Nothing has
changed on the deployment side of things, and I don't recall seeing
this message before.

I'm wondering if it's safe to disregard these messages due to the
re-use of the entries, or if something else should be looked into.

Thank you,
John DeSantis

[1] https://fedorahosted.org/389/ticket/47959

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