On 08/17/2016 08:54 PM, John Desantis wrote:
Hello all,

We've been re-using old host names and IP addresses for a new
deployment of nodes, and recently I've been seeing the messages pasted
below in the slapd-DC.DC.DC "error" log on our nodes.

[17/Aug/2016:10:30:30 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b475cd001200040000 <= basecsn=57b475cf000000160000, adjusted
[17/Aug/2016:11:09:44 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b47f00000200040000 <= basecsn=57b47f00000200160000, adjusted
[17/Aug/2016:11:09:44 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b47f00000400040000 <= basecsn=57b47f00000400160000, adjusted
[17/Aug/2016:11:10:33 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b47f2f001000040000 <= basecsn=57b47f30000200160000, adjusted
[17/Aug/2016:13:50:45 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b4a4bb000900040000 <= basecsn=57b4a4bc000000160000, adjusted
[17/Aug/2016:13:52:54 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b4a53e000a00040000 <= basecsn=57b4a53f000000160000, adjusted
[17/Aug/2016:13:53:15 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b4a552000700040000 <= basecsn=57b4a553000000160000, adjusted
[17/Aug/2016:13:53:32 -0400] - replica_generate_next_csn:
opcsn=57b4a562000900040000 <= basecsn=57b4a564000000160000, adjusted
Each modification (add/del/mod) gets a csn assignged used in replication update resolution. And each assigned csn has to newer than an existing one. The messages you see is from code that double checks that the entry doesn't have already a lareg csn - and adjusts it. The logs indicate that entries are more or less concurrently updated on replica 4 and 16, and the updates from16 are received while processing the updates on 4. This is a normal scenario, but you could check if the simultaneous updates on 4 and 16 are intentional.

They seem to only occur when updating DNS entries, whether on the
console or via the GUI (tail -f'ing the log).

A search in this mailing-list returns nothing, but a message is found
on the 389-ds list [1];  it seems to suggest that the messages aren't
fatal and are purely informational, yet if they are occurring
constantly that there could be a problem with the replication
algorithm and/or deployment.

We're using ipa-server 3.0.0-47 and 389-ds  Nothing has
changed on the deployment side of things, and I don't recall seeing
this message before.

I'm wondering if it's safe to disregard these messages due to the
re-use of the entries, or if something else should be looked into.

Thank you,
John DeSantis

[1] https://fedorahosted.org/389/ticket/47959

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