On (25/08/16 18:30), Sullivan, Daniel [AAA] wrote:
>I feel like I’ve been warned at least twice that sssd 1.14 has some known 
>regressions that make it unstable.  We’re in the process of rolling it out to 
>our production environment (we can’t use 1.13 due to another issue); so far it 
>seems pretty stable, although if possible I’d like any sort of highly informed 
>advisement if it is really stupid or insane to move forward with 1.14.  
>Specifically, we are implementing 1.14.0-3.el6.
May I know what is a blocker for using default version of sssd(1.13) in el6?
It is a stable version ready for production.

>Similarly, is it safe to say that this is a comprehensive list of known issues 
>or are there identified problems that aren’t documented in this report?
https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/report/3 would be better
and look directly into the bucket "SSSD 1.14.2"

>Any advise or recommendation that an expert in sssd 1.14 could provide would 
>be appreciated (as I said before so far it seems pretty stable).
We fixed many bugs in 1.14.1 and copr repository was updated
I would say it si 99% ready for production.

We will appreciate testing. And in case of any bugs, I can release
new version in copr immediately after fixing bug in upstream.


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