On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 06:30:22PM +0000, Sullivan, Daniel [AAA] wrote:
> Hi, 
> I feel like I’ve been warned at least twice that sssd 1.14 has some known 
> regressions that make it unstable.  We’re in the process of rolling it out to 
> our production environment (we can’t use 1.13 due to another issue); so far 
> it seems pretty stable, although if possible I’d like any sort of highly 
> informed advisement if it is really stupid or insane to move forward with 
> 1.14.  Specifically, we are implementing 1.14.0-3.el6.

It's gotten better in the last couple of weeks :)

> Similarly, is it safe to say that this is a comprehensive list of known 
> issues or are there identified problems that aren’t documented in this report?
> https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/report/2

In upstream we don't tag regressions vs. other bugs in any other way
than tagging the regressions as 'critical' or 'blocker' in trac.

Since you are rolling out 1.14 on el6, you're already on your own I
guess, so you might as well choose to run 1.14.1 which was released
quite recently.

The most notable known bug you might be interested in since you are running
IPA-AD trusts is:

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