I have been struggling with nfsidmap issue for a couple of days and
wouldn't mind a fresh eyes.

Essentially, I have a FreeIPA that has a trust relationship with AD.
The AD is on domain while FreeIPA manages  The problem is, when I login using AD account, the
nfsidmap seem to think I am on the FreeIPA account.  I have changed
the idnapd.conf to use AD domain but that doesn't help.

vi /etc/idmapd.conf

Domain =

[william@cacti ~]$ ssh 'william@example-corp''s password:

Last login: Tue Aug 23 11:45:33 2016 from

[ ~]$ env | grep USER

[ ~]$ su


[root@platinum william]# tail /var/log/messages

Aug 26 08:18:13 platinum nfsidmap[17780]: nss_getpwnam: name
'' does not map into domain

Aug 26 08:18:13 platinum nfsidmap[17784]: nss_getpwnam: name
'' does not map into domain

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