My IPA server has bunch of IPA-clients registered with it, i have done 
department/product wise grouping of my ipa clients and users. Example: for 
business unit1 (BU1) i have "BU1UserGroup" and "BU1HostGroup" similarly  for 
BU2 its "BU2UserGroup" & "BU2HostGroup". Now i  want to have department wise 
delegation administration in such a way that admin of BU1 can manage access for 
the users in "BU1UserGroup" and "BU1HostGroup" and admin of BU2 can manage the 
users and hosts for hosts in "BU2UserGroup" & "BU2HostGroup".  Essentially 
these sub admins should have full access to manage the access privileges for 
users and mange the hosts for their respective department/BU. 
I am still playing with IPA to understand this better but thought of asking you 
if this is a valid user case of IPA server and any pointer how this can be 
achieved would be much appreciated
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