On 05.09.2016 16:53, Günther J. Niederwimmer wrote:

CentOs 7.2
FreeIPA: 4.2.0-15

Why is this Error only on one Server ?

probably you have something DNS related misconfigured on that particular server.

Can you resolve hostname manually from server? (host, dig A commands)


IPA Error 4019: DNSNotARecordError
Host does not have corresponding DNS A/AAAA record

When I create on a other Server (KVM) a service, this is no Problem, but on my
new "mx03.example.com" I have this Errors ?

The DNS is in the Moment not configured with IPA, it is a KVM Client (named)
and it works correct?

Is this a Name Problem (mx03) or ......

Thanks for a answer

Reverse Zone is correct set to mx03."example.com"

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