I appreciate the fact that it might be a complex task, however a supported(CLI) way to if not revert it all back to pre-install state but at least to take samba out of IPA's hands would be nice to have. Would it be ok to leave IPA+ds389 part as is and only change, reconfigure Samba - I believe so - if yes then a CLI option to achieve this would be very desired.
Rob's workaround only... "built-in".

many thanks

On 16/09/16 05:57, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
So we decided to not perform 'ipa-adtrust-install --uninstall' as it
makes no sense. If somebode is willing to uninstall
'ipa-adtrust-install', then need to realize what they are doing as it would need to remove certain configuration in IPA LDAP because there are actual 389-ds plugins that depend on the configuration and work jointly with ipasam module in Samba to provide common setup. If 'ipasam' is
missing, those modules also become useless.

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