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    On Fri, 16 Sep 2016, Brook, Andy [CRI] wrote:
    >    You can replace actual hostnames/realm names/IP addresses by something 
more generic
    >    in the output when sending to the list, but please do it consistently.
    >I’m sorry. I thought I had been consistent when making changes, but
    >from your response, it looks like I wasn’t. I’m sorry about that. I got
    >yelled at by our security team last time we sent logs to a public list
    >that had any type of identifiable information in them, so it’s sort of
    >a new process for me. I think I have it down now.
    >The results of the commands are here: http://pastebin.com/PRwr7wv6
    So IPA side works fine -- on IPA client you can kinit as AD user and
    then obtain cross-realm TGT to IPA realm and use that cross-realm TGT to
    request a service ticket to cifs/... service. That's good.
    You need to identify what happens on AD side. A possible issue is that
    name suffix routing to IPA domain is disabled.
    Can you provide output of netdom.exe run on Windows side:
      netdom trust addom.domain /namesuffixes: ipa.domain
    You should get something like example 28 on the page

Thank you for this. I went to run the command and kept getting an “Incorrect 
parameter” error. After that I talked to one of our Active Directory admins and 
he mentioned that we are working on resolving a disjoint namespace error on 
addom. I don’t understand enough about it, but do know that it can cause issues 
with Kerberos authentication across domains. That should get fixed soon. Once 
that gets fixed, I’ll test again. 

I have one more related question. The instruction page states that NTLMSSP 
authentication isn’t working as of yet, as well as you mentioned it earlier in 
this thread. Is there a bug or feature request that is tracking that? 

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