Hey all I hoped anyone may be able to assist.  I had 2 dead replica's and
use the cleanallruv.pl as they refused to leave otherwise.
` /usr/sbin/cleanallruv.pl -v -D "cn=directory manager" -w - -b
'dc=mosaic451,dc=com' -r 17 `
17 being the bad guy.  Well it ran `woohoo` but deleted all of my
replica's.  The state it's in now is I can make changes on Box1 ( the one I
ran it on ) and they replicate to Box2 but never come back.
If I delete it on Box2 it never get's to Box1 however Box2 say's he has
that happy replication agreement.
So it's almost a split brain scenario.  I hoped someone may be able to
Can I just re-cut the replication agreement from Box2 and run it on Box1;
he's a full grown IPA so if I did that wouldn't I need to --uninstall him?

What do you guys think?
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