On 09/30/2016 10:41 PM, Matt Wells wrote:
Hey all I hoped anyone may be able to assist. I had 2 dead replica's and use the cleanallruv.pl <http://cleanallruv.pl> as they refused to leave otherwise. ` /usr/sbin/cleanallruv.pl <http://cleanallruv.pl> -v -D "cn=directory manager" -w - -b 'dc=mosaic451,dc=com' -r 17 ` 17 being the bad guy. Well it ran `woohoo` but deleted all of my replica's. The state it's in now is I can make changes on Box1 ( the one I ran it on ) and they replicate to Box2 but never come back. If I delete it on Box2 it never get's to Box1 however Box2 say's he has that happy replication agreement. So it's almost a split brain scenario. I hoped someone may be able to assist. Can I just re-cut the replication agreement from Box2 and run it on Box1; he's a full grown IPA so if I did that wouldn't I need to --uninstall him?

What do you guys think?

Hi Matt,

   It is not clear to me what you mean with 'deleted all of my
   replica's'. Do you mean that after cleanallruv completed, the RUV
   does not contains any element ?

   If  replication works B1 -> B2 and fail B2->B1 would it be possible
   to get samples of DS access logs showing that. Also it would be
   useful to have some RUV dumps on both B1 and B2 after the updates
   (|ldapsearch -xLLL -D "cn=directory manager" -W -b <suffix> \


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