On ke, 12 loka 2016, Karl Forner wrote:

A very simple question, but I could not find the answer. I'd like to setup
a replica on another network than my master. Is it possible to setup the
replication using only https, or other ports must be available ?
This is all documented, did you read the guide?

The replica requires additional ports to be open
   In addition to the standard IdM server port requirements described
in Section 2.1.4, “Port Requirements”, make sure the following port
requirements are complied as well:

       During the replica setup process, keep the TCP port 22 open.
This port is required in order to use SSH to connect to the master
       If one of the servers is running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and
has a CA installed, keep also TCP port 7389 open during and after the
replica configuration. In a purely Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
environment, port 7389 is not required. ----

Section 2.1.4:

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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